A simple quote by 1930's black and white New York photographer, Berenice Abbott:

"Photography helps people to see"

My attitude when photographing is to help people to see.  In a busy, rushed and ever-changing life it can be so easy to forget to capture the moments that make up our lives, moments that make you, you.  With my photographs I intend to pause those moments and capture them in an image, to help the viewer truly see and be transported back to that time.  Time travel through an image passed from one generation to the next. My photography style is to capture moments, with true emotions in realistic settings.  I love shooting in city/urban landscapes.

I married my best friend in October 2010, she is my motivation, partner and friend in this life.  With a desire to capture memories with my wife, I developed my love for photographing everyday life events, especially those images that radiate expressions of love, joy and unity. I love you Liz Escobar!

I would love to have the opportunity to capture and help you to see those special moments in life.

-- Jose A Escobar.                                                  


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