Welcome to L.A. Endeavour!

This might just be the most memorable end of Summer.  Today, September 21, 2012, the Space Shuttle Endeavour made its final flight.  However that flight was not its typical jet-fuel-blazing launch into the final frontier! Endeavour's final flight was more of a show-off cruise through infamous landmarks from the Bay Area to Southern California.  "Piggy-backed" on top of a modified 747 Boeing aircraft carrier, Endeavour flew by Cali's state Capitol, Golden Gate Bridge, headed South to fly over Malibu, Santa Monica, Getty Center, Hollywood Sign, Griffith Observatory, LA City Hall, Jet Propulsion Lab, Disneyland.....just to name a few!  Thousands and thousands of people lined streets near LAX, at the Observatory and other recommended viewing spots, I on the other hand, had my personal viewing spot.  To avoid traffic and street closures I was reminded of one of the many spots I've photographed that had a great view of the building skyline of Downtown.   I headed over there: Kearney Street in Boyle Heights.  I arrived 40 minutes early, since the flight was delayed.  Gave me time to play with my camera settings, however as I stared at the buildings I coincidentally glanced over to my left (south) and from behind the roof tops I see it, Endeavour in all its retiring glory, atop the 747, escorted by two F-16 fighter jets! Awesome!  I had to snap myself out of shock-mode and start photographing!  I was able to capture history! I was in complete awe and amazement had come over me, I was speechless, but not image-less.

Endeavour was the last of its kind.  Approved in 1987, delivered in 1991, first flight in 1992, retired in 2011, Endeavour has made 25 completed missions into space and back.  Endeavour will be towed through the streets of LA next month to its final resting area and new home at The Science Center in LA.  It will be a lasting memory to the end of my 2012 Summer season.  Awesome.