Great news! Business is growing!

Thank God, business has been steadily growing and I have seen the need to better our online presence by various forms.  One of them has been to engage more viewers on our facebook photography page. Secondly our followers can also find us on Instagram: @jescobarphotography.  I am very excited about the instagram account as it is one of my personal favorite apps!

Lastly, and this is the biggest change!  I have re-designed the website! You can still access us on and it will direct you to our main page.  New design in our page will allow you to view quick samples of my photography, and photo booth photos.  You can also see a simple pricing guide to invest in your photography. This new blog that you are reading is also courtesy of our new re-design!  Which I look forward to start blogging and connect with you! I finally got around to writing a quick description and bio about myself and my photography style, which I hope gives you an idea of my style and personality!

There are, however, a few links here and there that need to be tweaked to streamline all pages and galleries.  So if you are one of our clients that needs to access your links and see that your previous link is not found, please contact me and I'll gladly set up the new link for you!

So take a look around! I hope you like the new changes!