Daisy and Anthony Engaged! Manhattan Beach Engagement Session

I love the beach!! I love it so much, me and my wife had our ceremony at the beach.  So when Daisy contacted me to have her engagement session at the beach I was totally up for it!  We met Manhattan Beach, Ca and had an awesome time shooting.  These two are a couple of goofballs and the way they treat each other, is sweet.  I am also priviliged to photograph their wedding in October 2013.  Enjoy!

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manhattan beach engagement session
manhattan beach engagement

Maria and Melecio, Engaged! Uptown Whittier

I was able to photograph and get to know Maria and Melecio this weekend, and I must say it was definitely a fun time with Melecio and Maria's bright personalities.  Uptown Whittier is their current neighborhood, so it seemed fitting to photograph them in their own neighborhood.  Melecio has a cycling hobby but enjoys chill rides with Maria on their vintage Schwinn cruiser, which he personally restored.  Take a look at some of their photos!  


Welcome to L.A. Endeavour!

This might just be the most memorable end of Summer.  Today, September 21, 2012, the Space Shuttle Endeavour made its final flight.  However that flight was not its typical jet-fuel-blazing launch into the final frontier! Endeavour's final flight was more of a show-off cruise through infamous landmarks from the Bay Area to Southern California.  "Piggy-backed" on top of a modified 747 Boeing aircraft carrier, Endeavour flew by Cali's state Capitol, Golden Gate Bridge, headed South to fly over Malibu, Santa Monica, Getty Center, Hollywood Sign, Griffith Observatory, LA City Hall, Jet Propulsion Lab, Disneyland.....just to name a few!  Thousands and thousands of people lined streets near LAX, at the Observatory and other recommended viewing spots, I on the other hand, had my personal viewing spot.  To avoid traffic and street closures I was reminded of one of the many spots I've photographed that had a great view of the building skyline of Downtown.   I headed over there: Kearney Street in Boyle Heights.  I arrived 40 minutes early, since the flight was delayed.  Gave me time to play with my camera settings, however as I stared at the buildings I coincidentally glanced over to my left (south) and from behind the roof tops I see it, Endeavour in all its retiring glory, atop the 747, escorted by two F-16 fighter jets! Awesome!  I had to snap myself out of shock-mode and start photographing!  I was able to capture history! I was in complete awe and amazement had come over me, I was speechless, but not image-less.

Endeavour was the last of its kind.  Approved in 1987, delivered in 1991, first flight in 1992, retired in 2011, Endeavour has made 25 completed missions into space and back.  Endeavour will be towed through the streets of LA next month to its final resting area and new home at The Science Center in LA.  It will be a lasting memory to the end of my 2012 Summer season.  Awesome.

Nancy & Fernando's Photo Booth

Fernando and Nancy welcomed me into their home to discuss the opportunity to hire me as their photo booth provider, I quickly was able to see what great attitudes they have and how welcoming they are.  I definitely wanted to work with them since they seemed like such an awesome couple.  They hosted their reception at The Grand in Long Beach, Ca, a very elegant venue!  Mariachis, a DJ, and a full Banda set the festive mood for the night!  Thank you Fernando and Nancy for giving me the honor of having us as your photo booth team!  For the full link of their photo booth images visit this link.

Congratulations to Nancy & Fernando!

Congratulations to Nancy & Fernando!


Alyssa & Brian. Downtown LA.

I met Alyssa and Brian on Instagram, through there photos I could see they're a really cool pair!  Once I met them this Saturday I was able to see, in person, what an awesome couple they truly are.  Hearing how they met, their love story, and plans for the soon coming wedding in April, filled me with excitement and I felt honored to be part of the process through photography.  We met at Grand Park near downtown LA, took a few casual shots, had a wardrobe change, then worked our way down to City Hall building on Spring street.  Here's a preview of the session!

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Great news! Business is growing!

Thank God, business has been steadily growing and I have seen the need to better our online presence by various forms.  One of them has been to engage more viewers on our facebook photography page. Secondly our followers can also find us on Instagram: @jescobarphotography.  I am very excited about the instagram account as it is one of my personal favorite apps!

Lastly, and this is the biggest change!  I have re-designed the website! You can still access us on www.jescobarphotography.com and it will direct you to our main page.  New design in our page will allow you to view quick samples of my photography, and photo booth photos.  You can also see a simple pricing guide to invest in your photography. This new blog that you are reading is also courtesy of our new re-design!  Which I look forward to start blogging and connect with you! I finally got around to writing a quick description and bio about myself and my photography style, which I hope gives you an idea of my style and personality!

There are, however, a few links here and there that need to be tweaked to streamline all pages and galleries.  So if you are one of our clients that needs to access your links and see that your previous link is not found, please contact me and I'll gladly set up the new link for you!

So take a look around! I hope you like the new changes!